Relationship Size of Mr. P and Ejaculation

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Mr. P, who is big, is it more durable in bed? The answer is not necessarily. In a new partner, if the husband feels too fast to release fluid that is suspected to be sperm, it does not necessarily say premature ejaculation. The question of penis size and ejaculation is one that many readers ask.

One of them was filed by Kafsya, a 28-year-old man. Doc, why is my sperm so fast? Even sometimes just like a kiss and so on, I sometimes come out. What happened to me Doc? What is the cure? I became insecure even though my size was quite large.

Dr. Andri Wanananda, MS, caregiver Sexology Consultation explains the problem of too fast sperm fluid coming out often leads to the assumption of 'premature ejaculation'. However, premature ejaculation cannot be convicted too quickly because the ideal intimate relationship needs an orientation period. The husband and wife will actually be proficient when going through the learning process, until an ideal intimate relationship is achieved.

According to Dr. Andri, the fluid that comes out of the penis can be a liquid that comes from the reproductive glands (including the seminal vesica gland). The state of the penis that is felt wet during foreplay or the condition in which the liquid has been mixed with spermatozoa (male cells), can not be said as ejaculation. Because ejaculation is characterized by a sense of orgasm, which is the peak pleasure of sexual relations, "said Dr. Andri who is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Tarumanegara University.

Regarding penis size, it depends on genetic factors, race and ethnicity. Average relative size 10-15 cm during erection, but the length is not the main thing.

"Penis size is not important. Mr. P's 'mighty' is who can be tense and hard during erection, even though its size is mini. The performance of Mr. P is determined when an erection is able to have a satisfying intimate relationship (each orgasm)," said Dr. Andri also a Member of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) and the Indonesian Sexology Association (ASI).

Maintaining physical fitness such as exercise and balanced nutritional consumptive support such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals can help Mr. P.'s might.

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